This Triride system allows you to attach an additional rear axle to your wheelchair which enables you to move the wheels backwards, providing a greater load on the front wheel and increases traction. It is also possible to specify wheel camber (3 ° / 6 °) which increases the stability of the wheelchair for improved driving performance, both in daily use and in off-road use.


– Weight distribution on the front wheel for maximum grip.
– Increased stability in corners thanks to camber of the wheels 3 ° / 6 ° wheels (on request)
– Better driving stability both on the road and in off road
– Optimization of off road performance especially with the use of T-Rocks

Easy to Use, Maximum Benefits!

The rear axle can slide in different positions allowing you to choose the optimal position for your wheelchair. Your wheels can be easily moved from the original axle to the rear axle at any time. The dedicated attachments of the rear axle are compatible with most wheelchairs, are light and simple to install without changing the original structure of the wheelchair itself. The rear axle is quick and easy to attach and detach, transform your wheelchair in seconds!

Wheels in everyday axle

Wheels in rear extension

Wheels in maximum rear extension


With the rear axle extension the performance of your Triride and wheelchair increase greatly, better traction and stability results in maximum driving performance!

Simple to adjust,quick to remove.

No structural modification to the wheelchair.

Patented, simple and secure Triride attachment system.