ACC- Keep your set speed even downhill!

Adaptive Cruise Control is the ability to maintain the speed you set even downhill, adapting to slope changes without the user requiring to use the brake. The efficiency of the motor brake ends with the maintenance of a constant speed on any level difference.

All whilst recharging your battery!

ACC System Advantages

Adaptive Cruise Control makes driving more enjoyable especially downhill. Maintaining a constant speed avoids the risk of sudden braking and therefore makes the routes on different terrains easy to manage.

Adaptive Cruise Control allows you to relax your hand from the accelerator and therefore face the paths in total comfort.

This easy operation and deactivation of the Adaptive Cruise Control makes its use suitable for the less experienced. In fact, it is sufficient to simply press the button to switch it on or off while driving.

Adaptive Cruise Control is also automatically deactivated when using the brake or the accelerator. This makes it 100% safe to use.

Adaptive Cruise Control optimizes energy consumption on every path or level, gradually adjusting the motor power in order to maintain the speed.
On downhill paths the Adaptive Cruise Control expresses all its potential, maintaining a constant speed without the smallest use of energy, but rather, recovering the braking energy to recharge.


Adaptive Cruise Control maintains the set speed, uphill, automatically acting on the motor acceleration, adapting itself to the slopes of the terrain.

On the flat

Acting automatically and constantly to regulate motor acceleration, the Adaptive Cruise Control maintains the set speed in a smooth way, using the smallest amount of input possible. Best comfort, reduced energy consumption.


Normal and Sport braking modes can be customized through IBS software, smooth or intense, in connection to user driving style. Top safety and handing driving downhills. IBS can be set up following user needs.

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