Discover a new way of Moving, Triride is a power assisted attachment device (Power Trike) for your wheelchair. Through the city or the mountains Triride is always with you. Designed and built by a user the driving performance and features are unmatched by any other add-on device.


Triride is compatible with most manual wheelchairs and compact when attached. Meaning great grip and performance combined with fantastic maneuverability


A simple attachment system and intuitive control means Triride is easy to use for all. With our advanced electronics we can personalise to your driving preference too!


Transport weight ranging from 7.5kg Triride is light but also powerful for the most demanding situations. It’s compact size and weight means independence for you.


Triride Special Light Allroad

Power for all types of routes!

Triride is the best choice for your desire for freedom!
In addition to easily coping with daily life situations, Triride thanks to its Made in Italy technology, allows you to face extreme situations such as challenging paths, steep climbs and all the roads you choose to tackle.
Thanks to its technological advanced safety systems IBS & ICC, if you choose, you will have the assistance of an experienced pilot on board.


We at Triride know you are unique, so one model doesn’t work for all. This is why we produce over 10 different options designed with you the user in mind. Whatever situation you encounter there is a Triride for you.
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Sp. Light

Sp. Compact

Sp. L14

Sp. HP 16

Mad Max


Tribike E


Electronics by Triride for an enhanced and safer driving experience. Constant research and development at Triride results in innovative technologies such as IBS – Intelligent Braking System and ICC  – Intelligent Cruise Control. These innovative technologies result is an improved braking performance and efficiency for a SAFER driving experience. IBS and ICC combine to regulate the selected cruise speed down hill and even on loose and wet surfaces. Wheel lock with your disc brake… No more with IBS and ICC.

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Triride Advanced Technology
Triride accessory, Nik stand


The ethos of the Triride product range is personalisation for you. Whether it is a configuration requirement for your driving requirement, personalised control or just a customised colour configuration. Triride has you covered. Check out our catalogue for some options available.

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